Buyers Guide: Benefit Administration and Online Enrollment Systems for School, City and County Employers


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Choosing the right benefit administration and enrollment software system for your school, city or county organization is a daunting task. At National Insurance Services (NIS), we know. We recently underwent this same process - shopping on behalf of our clients - and this guide is the result of that experience.

NIS’s team encountered the expected, the unexpected and everything in between. This guide will help you benefit from our findings and more easily navigate the confusing realm of benefit administration and enrollment software providers.

Download our buyers guide now to learn:

  • How to find a provider who can accommodate your unique eligibility rules, job classes, union regulations and countless other nuances
  • Step-by-step guide and checklist of things to consider during your journey
  • How to evaluate your own needs prior to shopping for a provider
  • How to “score” contenders based on your criteria
  • How to compare pricing when there are so many variables

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